Benefits of recycling scrap to environment

Scrap materials come from the already used items from our homes, or things that break or go back and can no longer be of use. Such materials are created from the mining of virgin ores like the aluminum, steel and copper ores. The recycling of these materials is being advocated for in all nations due to the great benefits it has to the environment, health and economy. Recycling companies are found in every state.


The rationale of 3Rs- reduce, reuse and recycle is being used to reduce environmental pollution and increase job opportunities. During mining of the ores, a lot of greenhouse gases are released into the atmosphere. Recycling of the scrap materials, reduce the emission of the greenhouse gases into the air by a high percentage. Statistics shows that recycling reduces the gases by, 92 % for aluminum, 90 % for copper and 56 % for steel. EPA also states that recycling a one can of beer saves power that can light a 60- watt light bulb for four hours. This also accounts for 40% less water use, 86% reduction in air pollution and 76% reduction in water pollution.

Air pollution leads to many respiratory diseases. It goes without saying that recycling helps keep the environmental healthy for humans. Recycling reduces the damage caused by excavations for ores. The land is usually blasted and destroyed during the mining process to remove the virgin ores. This helps protect the landscape and aesthetic value of the land. Most natural vegetation is lost during the extraction. Recycling contributes to preserving the natural resources. Frequent mining of the virgin ores for metals can lead to depletion of the country’s natural resources. Such a country is bound to face several economic crisis.


Scrap metal Phoenix reduces the burden of having landfills. If the materials are not recycled, they end up in landfills or being burned up. The burning of the plastics and metals is not sustainable. They will release toxic gases and greenhouse gases to the atmosphere. Such gases accelerate the erosion of the ozone layer and increases cases of respiratory diseases. The landfills take up most of the land space that could be used for other productive activities. They also attract rodents and vectors that can cause dangerous diseases. Landfills can leach into underground water, polluting the waters. Landfills make the land look ugly too. Take your scrap for recycling and save the environment.